Mandatory electric vehicle charging points for car parks from 2025

Are you a manager for a car park with 10 or more spaces in Brussels? From 1 January 2025, you will likely have to fit your car park with a minimum number of electric vehicle charging points. The rule, established by the Belgian Decree of 29/09/2022, depends on the number of parking spaces and the use allocation of your car park (offices, residential or other).

office car parks

For office car parks

  • From 1 January 2025: at least 10% of parking spaces with a minimum of 2 charging points
  • From 1 January 2030: at least 20% of parking spaces
  • From 1 January 2035: at least 30% of parking spaces
residential car parks

For residential car parks

From 1 January 2025: 1 charging point per parking space for residents with access to the car park and an electric vehicle.

public car parks

For other car parks (public or shops)

  • From 1 January 2025: minimum 5% of parking spaces
  • From 1 January 2030: minimum 10% of parking spaces
  • From 1 January 2035: minimum 30% of parking spaces

These rules are valid and applicable to existing car parks. New car parks must apply the quotas set for 2035 straight away.

Enhanced security recommendations

To mitigate the risk of fire and to ensure the safety of users, the location of charging points must notably meet the following requirements (see the Belgian Decree of 29/09/2022) :

  • The charging point must be installed on a non-combustible or fireproof surface;
  • It is imperative that vehicle charging is conducted using charging points intended for this purpose;
  • The electrical installations must be dimensioned to be able to accommodate vehicle charging, and have been inspected by an accredited body;
  • To prevent any potential damage by a vehicle, the charging points must be protected or placed at a certain height while still being accessible to persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

Moreover, additional rules apply for covered car parks (emergency stop button, ventilation, ban on installing rapid charge terminals, etc.), as well as for covered car parks over 1250m2 or with a level below -1 (smoke detector). Find all the rules in the Belgian Decree of 29/09/2022.


Do you have any other questions? The facilitator is on hand to assist!

In order to facilitate the transition towards the obligations set for 2025, the Region has made available a “Charging Terminal Facilitator” for you to consult at no charge. The facilitator will be able to support you to ensure compliance of your car park and answer all of your questions: what types of terminals to install? How many? How much power? What impact does this have for your electrical system? Which subsidies? What is the return on investment for the installation of “semi-public” terminals”? How do you facilitate access to third parties? How do you guarantee availability of the terminals for your employees during office hours? ...

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